• Lake Region Healthcare
  • Fergus Falls, MN, USA
  • May 05, 2022
Part time

Job Description

A qualified anesthesia provider involved in the administration of anesthesia and related services to all age groups, (including neonate, pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatrics,) as delineated by the clinical and non-clinical responsibilities described herein. This position reports directly to the Anesthesiology Director, Anesthesiologist, and Sr. VP Professional Services. The Staff Anesthetist has contact with hospital employees, prospective employees, volunteers, community personnel, manufacturer representatives, pharmaceutical representatives, administration, students, trainees, and physicians. Effective interpersonal and communication skills are essential for this position. The incumbent has access to sensitive, confidential information and must be able to maintain those confidences. The incumbent establishes the work procedures and priorities within imposed deadlines. NOTE: CRNA’s are responsible for seeking clinical privileges that appropriately reflect their educational preparation, clinical experience, and level of professional competence. It is incumbent upon CRNA’s to maintain knowledge of current scientific theories, principles, and techniques related to the field of anesthesia and their current practice situation. Individual clinical privileges should be delineated regardless of the contractual or employment relationship that exist with the practice setting and will be reviewed biannually through individualized position descriptions. The privilege-granting process should incorporate results of quality assurance and risk management activities.

The anesthesia department at Lake Region Healthcare consists of nine certified registered nurse anesthetists working to the full scope of their practice. This all CRNA model provides quality anesthesia services throughout the healthcare system including in the operating rooms, OB epidural service, house wide emergency airway management as well as nursing education and other various ancillary services. The nine CRNAs work together to provide quality, compassionate care to a variety of patient populations served throughout the community.