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  • Taylorville, IL, United States
May 14, 2022
Memorial Health Lincoln, IL 62656, USA
We recognize that there are certain core competencies that every CRNA is able to demonstrate as a result of his/her education and training. They include the following: Administer & monitor general anesthesia or monitored sedation. Proficient in airway management including mechanical ventilation. Placement of peripheral intravenous catheters. Pre-anesthesia evaluation. Post anesthesia care/discharge. Evaluate laboratory & diagnostic studies. Proficient in pain management. Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development principles, from neonate to geriatrics. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span, neonate through geriatrics. New Grads: Financial assistance of up to $50,000 available while pursuing anesthesia education and a sign-on bonus of up to $200,000 Experienced: a sign-on bonus of up to $250,000 Relocation assistance available REQUIRED EXPERIENCE Education: ·         Completed AANA approved course in...
May 05, 2022
Memorial Health Decatur, IL, USA
Following accepted and approved techniques and procedures, administers anesthesia to patients in all age groups. REQUIRED SKILLS Follows the Scope and Standards for Nurse Anesthesia Practice (American Associate of Nurse Anesthetists.  CRNA Scope of Practice includes but, is not limited to the following: Performing and documenting a pre-anesthetic assessments and evaluation of the patient, including requested consultations and diagnostic studies; selecting, obtaining, ordering and administering pre-anesthetic medications and fluids; and obtaining informed consent for anesthesia. Developing and implementing an anesthetic plan. Initiating the anesthetic technique which may include; general, regional, local and sedation. Selecting applying and inserting appropriate non-invasive and invasive monitoring modalities for continuous evaluation for the patient’s physical status. Selecting, obtaining and administering medications, fluids and ventilatory support. Discharging the patient from a...