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  • Arcata, CA
May 21, 2022
Elite Specialty Staffing Arcata, CA
travel nursing jobs in Californiatravel nurses in California, California travel nurses, California Travel Nurse pay, travel healthcare job Travel Nursing Jobs in California Ready to hit the west coast? If you have considered becoming a travel nurse, or if you are already a travel nurse, then chances are you have already looked at or taken travel nursing jobs in California. Why? There are two major benefits that draw so many nurses to this state. The first is the fact that California’s travel nurse pay is exceptional. The other major draw to this sunny state is the fact that they have mandatory staffing ratios, which creates a huge need for nurses and facilitates rapid licensing and contributes to the reason that it is a compact nursing state. Because California is such a large state, you can tailor your experience to the region you select. Go to Southern California if you are after the sun and surf. If that’s not your thing, check out Northern California where you will...