Carolina Anesthesia Associates

With our depth of experience from implementing and managing more than 80 anesthesia practices, our surgery center partnerships benefit from CAA’s streamlined anesthesia department integration, access to medication & supplies, policy and procedure manuals, focus on exemplary leadership with an eye on patient satisfaction. We have a philosophy of participating in-network with all payors; striving to keep the cost to patients low while increasing patient satisfaction.

We only recruit providers that understand and align with the goals of the surgery center, to simultaneously improve patient satisfaction, increase efficiency in each operating / procedure room, all while maintaining a culture that translates into happier clinical staff, administrators and ultimately happier patients. This philosophy, steadfast leadership, along with oversight by our Corporate Leadership Team, has transformed our surgery center partners into highly functioning teams with common goals that share in open communication with one another. This has resulted in improved patient satisfaction & increased productivity in all of our centers.